SHINee Reveals Their Secret To Staying As A Group And What Their Future Holds

SHINee will always be SHINee, both the boy group and the fans hope.

SHINee is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their debut with a special three part album that means a lot to both the members and their long-time fans. During a recent interview, SHINee’s members each shared their reactions to the 10th anniversary, their thoughts on a decade of teamwork, and their goals for the future.


Onew described how surreal it feels to have been together for ten whole years.

“We have come so far and without stopping. I can’t really tell it has been ten years, but when people congratulate me and the group, I realize. The members and I have put so much work and time into the group. Every moment is so valuable.” — Onew


Onew sounded confident when he shared his outlook on SHINee’s future.

“SHINee as a group and the group’s fans are strong. We have been together, protecting each other since debut… I believe we’ll still be SHINee ten years from now.” — Onew


Minho also wished for more years to come.

“I can’t believe we have been together for ten years already. It only feels real when the fans or fellow artists congratulate us. We have been at it for ten years… In the future, I want to be able to show the true colors of SHINee and reach out to more people.” — Minho


Minho added, Lee Soo Man (CEO of SM Entertainment) said our contract renewals are our new beginnings.”

“We learned so much in the past ten years as a group. We can use what we learned to do better things and make better music. So I agree, this is our new beginning.” — Minho


Taemin looked back to the humble beginnings of SHINee. He shared, “When TVXQ! turned 10, I congratulated them without really knowing what it must feel like. Now I know. Looking back, I feel like I’ve done so well.” 


Taemin, who started training for the group as a young boy, was especially emotional about the 10-year anniversary.

“At first, the members fought over the smallest things because we were trying to adjust ourselves. Now, we don’t have to say anything. We already know each other so well. It makes me proud to show off this kind of bond that the members have developed.” — Taemin


Key wanted the special album to be a way for the boy group to show everyone that it is still going strong.

“We have three title tracks because we want to show that SHINee is still here, working hard, doing great. I look forward to showing a lot more of that with each title track promotion.” — Key

Key hoped, “Even in another ten years, SHINee will remain a group that can interact and communicate with the younger generation.” 


Fans from all over the world are extremely proud of SHINee members for having come this far and happy for everything the boys have accomplished. Fans also look forward to another one, two, or ten years of SHINee world!

Source: Xports News