SHINee Just Proved They’re Still K-Pop’s Vocal Kings

Shawols got a free a cappella concert.

On their way home after finishing their schedule, the SHINee members did a live broadcast.

Spontaneously, Key started showing off his vocal skills! He sang some of Steelheart’s “She’s Gone” before he and Minho transitioned to “Genghis Khan.”

They played and sang along to “Kiss Kiss” from Don’t Call Me‘s highlight medley.

Taemin briefly sang his song, “Waiting For.”

Soon enough, everyone was singing and they ended up giving Shawols a mini concert with a variety of songs.

They sang some Korean songs, such as Kim Yeon Woo‘s “That I Was Once By Your Side.”

The guys then sang a few international pop favorites including Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

We were blessed by a SHINee cover of Beyoncé’s “Listen.”

Fans couldn’t get over their skills. Considering the members had just finished filming promotions and it was already 1 A.M., it proved just how strong of vocalists they all are!

They also sang James Ingram songs such as, “Forever More (I’ll Be The One)” and “Just Once.”

Together, they sang Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.”

After this impromptu performance, we are hoping for the release of a SHINee a cappella album one day!

Source: SHINee/V LIVE