SHINee’s Story Line From “Replay” To “Marry You” Is Touching Fans’ Hearts

Fans may have figured out something!

SHINee, who recently held a live special The Ringtone: SHINee is Back to celebrate their upcoming comeback, has fans wondering if there is a story line within their songs.

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To celebrate their new album, they performed a b-side track titled “Marry You” before the official release for the fans.

With this new song, fans discovered that the lyrics have the same story line from their song “Replay.”

If you take a look at the lyrics from “Replay”, it shows a boy confessing their love for a noona.

Noona is so pretty…you are my life’s everything…I don’t want you to be pressured…I replay replay replay as the end approaches.

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Seven years later, the story line continues in their song “Love Sick”

You were so pretty…you are still my life’s everything…my woman…I am your happy man.

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Then six years later, SHINee returns with “Marry You”, revealing that the boy eventually grows into a man and proposes to the noona.

“You are still pretty to me…my heart stops every time I see you…I need a doctor for this incurable disease I’m still lovesick…you are still my life’s everything my love.”

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The clip below combines “Replay”, “Lovesick” and “Marry You”, showing the continuation of the story line throughout each song.

Stay tuned for the official release of SHINee new album on February 22!

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