SHINee’s Taemin Once Cried Alone In The Practice Room Because He Thought He Lacked Talent

We can’t believe he thought like this at one point!

Recently, SHINee’s Taemin returned with his fourth mini album, Guilty, making it his first comeback since completing his mandatory military service. Among the various content promotions for the new album, he appeared on BTS Suga’s talk show, Suchwita, surprising fans.

In terms of the process of him becoming a solo artist, he shared the story of how it came about.

Suga: Could you tell us the process of going from that to becoming a solo artist?

Taemin: After debuting at 16, I had this goal of when I turn 20, the image of me in my twenties was ‘I’m gonna be the best. After these four years, I’m gonna be the best,’ so I really worked hard. I practiced a lot and worked on improving myself.


But after seeing himself right before turning 20, he felt that he lacked more than ever.

Then it was the end of the year right before turning 20. I saw myself now at 20 years old and I was lacking so much more than I expected. So, I went to the practice room in that early morning (instead of going home) and I cried and screamed. And then I kept practicing. I practiced really hard and just when I thought I was at my limits, the company gave me a chance.

In addition, Taemin and Suga, who are the same age, discussed their struggles as they worked to the top. In regards to being a role model for junior artists, he admitted that although it was a great feeling, he also hoped to be a “source of inspiration.”

I want to become someone who can be a source of inspiration to others because other people were that to me. I want to be a part of this virtuous cycle.

— SHINee’s Taemin

Netizens praised Taemin as truly being one of the top role models in the K-Pop industry today.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Although it breaks my heart when I think of Taemin, he is so cool and amazing….”
  • “Although I’m not a fan, I’ve been into K-Pop for a long time and I’ve never seen anyone as hard-working as Taemin. If you are in the K-Pop scene you know there’s no way you can’t not love Taemin!”
  • “I really love his mindset.”
  • “I remember being shocked after hearing him say, ‘effort is not a word that describes me.'”

From being the youngest member of the group, to becoming an inspiration for junior artists, it’s no doubt that Taemin will continue to shine as one of K-Pop’s brightest stars!

Source: theqoo