Hater Calls SHINee Taemin’s Face “Outdated”, Here’s How He Responded

Fans were heartbroken.

Taemin previously talked about a comment that claimed his face was “outdated” on an episode of D-cumentary : TAEMIN.

He brought up the subject by saying that he heard his face wasn’t the “popular type” anymore and expressed his determination to improve his skills instead.

They say my face is outdated these days. I need to improve my skills.

ㅡ Taemin


He explained that according to the internet, the “popular face” nowadays didn’t have double eyelids (which he had). Then he wondered aloud whether there was any plastic surgery that could get rid of double eyelids.

According to the internet, they said you have to have single eyelids. I wonder if there’s any surgery to get rid of them (double eyelids)?

ㅡ Taemin


Then he proceeded to “remove” his double eyelids with his fingers and asked his staff members what they think of his following the trend.

Don’t you think it’ll go well if I do this? Following the trend.

ㅡ Taemin


After hearing Taemin talk about this, fans were extremely sad to find out that he read negative comments and made sure to let him know that his face will always be legendary through positive comments.

  • “No, that’s not true!! Taemin, please look at this too.”
  • “I guess he reads all the negative comments too.ㅠㅠ”
  • “It’s not true Taemin…”
  • “Taemin has the all-time legendary face. Seriously his beautiful face will be recognized anywhere.”


Watch the full video below:


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