SHINee Taemin’s Latest Passion Had His Members And Staff All Scolding Him— Here’s Why

He just wants to talk about quantum physics and the environment! 😆

SHINee‘s Minho revealed Taemin‘s recent hobby of watching YouTube and documentaries, and its unexpectedly hilarious consequences for the members and staff.


During their 13th anniversary online party, Minho exposed Taemin’s new hobby and how invested the maknae is. While there normally would not be a problem with getting into documentaries, Minho shares that the “problem” was when “[Taemin] says he has an interesting story, it’s about an environmental problem,” and not an actual “interesting story.”

MC Eunhyuk from Super Junior asked Taemin for an example, but Key quickly intervened and shut him down right as Taemin was about to launch into a story about paper straws.

Key clarified it wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to hear Taemin talk about it, but because the topic itself is a difficult one with no clear answer.

Regardless, it’s adorable how excited and passionate Taemin is about documentaries!

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