SHINee Taemin’s Cat, Kkoong, Is One Year Old! Here’s How Taemin Celebrated

He adores his cat!

Kkoong, SHINee Taemin‘s adorable cat, just celebrated her first birthday!

SHINee’s Taemin and Kkoong | @shyjjinggu/Twitter

While Taemin wasn’t able to celebrate Kkoong’s birthday in person because he’s serving in the military, his adorable fictional persona was able to celebrate with her!

| @taemggung/Instagram

Before he left for the military, Taemin created the Taemari & Ggung brand to celebrate his and Kkoong’s precious friendship. The brand has an official Instagram account and merch created by Taemin himself! Taemin is represented by Taemari, a cute chick. Kkoong is represented by a cat that looks just like her, Ggung.

Taemin and Kkoong have celebrated Chuseok and SHINee Key‘s birthday together as Taemari and Kkoong in the past, and they just celebrated Kkoong’s birthday! Taemari made a cute cat-shaped cake to eat with Ggung.

Taemari gave Ggung a big hug during the birthday party. This picture was sweetly captioned, “Happy birthday my friend.” 

When Ggung blew out her candle, frosting landed on Taemari’s cheeks.

Although Taemin wasn’t able to celebrate in person with Kkoong, it looks like he made sure that Kkoong’s special day would be acknowledged by Taemari & Ggung. Shawols also joined in the festivities by sharing their own birthday wishes for Kkoong.