SHINee’s Taemin And Onew Have The Softest Dynamic—And It’s Making Us UWU

They’re seriously too cute.

SHINee‘s Taemin and Onew did a Q&A with Allure Korea, and we can’t get enough of their cute and soft dynamic.

| Allure Korea/YouTube

Taemin shared how it felt nice that many of their new fans were young, and how it was relieving in a sense because it meant that SHINee is still appealing. Onew agreed, and couldn’t help but praise Taemin for being cute.


When asked which song of theirs they would like to re-perform, Taemin responded with “Replay”, because he felt he wasn’t able to portray much back then since he was young. Onew then asked him to show viewers a demonstration, after which he patted Taemin on the back fondly because of how cute he was.

We also can’t forget about Taemin’s adorable idea of what Onew’s conception dream was.

The next “question” was just an opportunity for them to praise each other. Taemin cutely praised Onew, laying out succinct points in a list.

When it was his turn to praise Taemin, Onew didn’t hold back. Taemin got shy from the long speech-like praise, and Onew had to cut himself short before it went on for too long.

We just can’t get enough of their pure dynamic!