SHINee’s Taemin Practiced So Much That His Voice Could Be Heard In Every Part Of The SM Building

Practice, practice, practice!

Everyone that is a fan of SHINee‘s Taemin knows just how hard he worked to be where he is now. There are so many stories and interactions from fellow colleagues that prove just how much he practiced to become the best of the best.

In a recent radio broadcast of MBC FM4U Noon Song Of Hope, former TRAX member Jungmo revealed that he truly respected the amount of time and effort Taemin put into perfecting his skill.

When Taemin first came into the company, he was in middle school, so his voice hadn’t hit puberty yet. So when he debuted, he had almost no singing parts. But he really wanted to sing, so after he hit puberty, you could hear him practicing singing at the company in places like the hallway or the bathroom. I always say this about Taemin, but even though he is way younger than me, I really respect Taemin.

⁠— Jungmo

Below is the legendary clip of Taemin singing a song on the radio after practicing that one verse 40,000 times just so he could sing on the show.

All his hard work paid off as his live singing skills began to improve drastically.

The amount of time and effort it must have took for him to sing with such stability and power is unbelievable!

Now everything Taemin sings becomes a legendary video which both fans and idols look up to!

All of his hard work paid off as he is now one of the most respected male solo artists in the industry!

Source: theqoo