SHINee Taemin Reveals He Was Losing Passion For Dancing, Until He Joined “The Dancer”

The show revived his love for dancing!

During the press conference for upcoming JTBC survival program The Dancer, SHINee‘s Taemin revealed that competing on the show revived his love for dancing!


Taemin shared that he was losing his passion for dance until he started filming for the show.

“My passion for dancing started to disappear. As I was having those feelings, the show made me realize ‘I used to love dance so much.'”  — Taemin


He explained that it was because he found joy in other things, which made him forget why he loved dancing in the first place.

“People may take it negatively. In the past, dancing was a place of joy and happiness for me. But you can’t only liking dance. I was able to find joy in other activities, which was when I was reminded of the joy of dancing through the show.” — Taemin


But the show revived his excitement, which is why Taemin didn’t feel competitive around the other contestants!

“This is why I didn’t feel like we were competing, but I felt more joy. We each have different things we’re good at, so we were able to learn from each other and help each other. I personally really enjoyed filming this show.” — Taemin


The Dancer is a variety show that follows top K-Pop idols like Taemin, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, and Highlight‘s Kikwang as they travel to Los Angeles to collaborate with world-renowned choreographers to create dance pieces.

Dance Gods Taemin, Eunhyuk, And Kikwang, to compete in ultimate dance battle


The show premiered yesterday, May 5.

Source: Seoul En and MBN Star