SHINee’s Taemin Reveals Why Practicing Dancing A Lot Had Both Good And Bad Results

It’s actually a funny story!

SHINee‘s Taemin recently sat down with 1theK‘s IDDP and searched up his own name on the internet. From his audition footage to reacting to fans’ comments, Taemin looked at it all!

Everyone knows Taemin is an amazing dancer and to remind everyone, Taemin reacted to his audition video for SM Entertainment.

Taemin revealed that the sounds of cheering in the video came from the judges themselves. Clearly from the video, Taemin has been talented even before his debut.

After he read a comment that said, “I can see his natural talent. That’s something you can’t learn from school,” Taemin confirmed, “Yes, I taught myself.”

While Taemin gained a lot of recognition for his dancing, his vocals weren’t shown off as much. Taemin shared that it was because of his young age and changing voice that he did not want to abuse his vocals.

When he debuted back in 2008 he didn’t play a big role as a vocalist. It’s important not to abuse vocal cords during puberty. Thanks to SM’s decision Taemin was able to get his current appealing voice.

— Taemin

Taemin agreed that “It’s important not to abuse vocal cords.” But with that said, Taemin shared an “Interesting story” about what he did instead of using his voice a lot.

Let me tell you an interesting story. I kept practicing dancing when I was a trainee. One day I went to see a doctor to check my growth plate. The doctor said I’d be at least 182cm tall. So I was convinced that, ‘I’ll grow a lot.’

— Taemin

Despite his confidence and what the doctors told him, Taemin did not reach 182 cm. In fact, it was the thing he loved doing the most that caused Taemin not to grow to his expected height.

But I injured my knees because of dance practice. And I stopped growing (laughs).

— Taemin

Taemin then hilariously expressed that SM shouldn’t have just looked out for his vocal cords but his growth plate as well.

They should’ve protected not only my vocal cord, but also my growth plate. Seriously (laughs).

— Taemin

Check out the video below: