SHINee Taemin’s Ripped Body Is So Glorious He Dominated Worldwide Trends With Only Two Photos

Is it hot in here or is it just Taemin?

SHINee‘s Taemin has left everyone gasping for breath with only two photos as well as a jaw-dropping horizontal bar dance.


Although Taemin has shown off his rock-hard body in the past, it was normally in an environment where fans are a little bit more prepared for it like a concert. This time, however, everyone was completely shocked to see his muscles make an appearance on the popular Japanese show Shabekuri 007.


Taemin recently appeared on the show and melted hearts with his cute concepts and stunning dance moves…


But it was his gloriously chiseled body that left everyone in a state of emergency. During one portion of the show, the topic suddenly turned to Taemin’s body before two photos of his killer physique were revealed.


Killer abs? Check! Bulging biceps? Double check!


The appearance of the pictures had quite an effect on everyone present. Taemin even let one of the hosts squeeze his shoulders to verify his muscles and by the look on his face alone, it’s clear Taemin is as ripped as those pictures show!


But it wasn’t just the pictures that had everyone gasping for breath. Taemin revealed that part of the secret to his toned body was the horizontal bars at which point he quickly showed off his skill.


Taemin’s lift was already bad for everyone’s heart but he took things one step further! He showed off his incredible skills with an impromptu horizontal bar dance.


His appearance on the show as well as his killer physique and horizontal bar skills quickly took over the trends in Japan and from there the worldwide trends!


And really, is it any surprise why?


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