SHINee Truly Felt The Passage Of Time In This Adorable Interview

SHINee learned that having a long career can really make you feel old sometimes.

Now in their 14th year as a group, SHINee are no strangers to being in the spotlight. Long referred to as the “princes of K-Pop” and often praised for their immaculate discography, there’s no doubt they take pride in everything they’ve achieved over their lengthy careers. There’s one thing, though, that they’re not as keen to think about: aging.

Onew, Taemin, Key, and Minho (from left to right) in Atlantis promotional image | @SHINee/Twitter

Following the release of their 7th studio album Don’t Call Me, Onew, Minho, Key, and Taemin all went on to guest on the popular YouTube channel odg. They reviewed the events of their career as a band with children, all of whom were born after SHINee’s debut.

The men felt the changing times shortly after entering the studio. While in the heyday of their career, they would have been instantly recognized by the youth, they were quickly served evidence of a whole new world. Each time they asked the children if they knew of them, all the kids said in response was, “I don’t know.” Key is the only one to be recognized, though not for his activities as a singer. Rather, he’s known for his appearance on Amazing Saturday!

Onew is hilariously brought down to earth as Min Seo, the young girl with whom he’s speaking, tells him that she was born in 2009, the year after the group’s debut.

Throughout the rest of the interview, the begin looking through some of their past songs and performances and hearing the children’s thoughts on them, as well as sharing thoughts of their own. Nearly all of them cringe when looking back on an old promotional video, and they fondly recall the feelings they had as they watch their debut stage. Both Minho and Onew can’t help laughing when told that “Replay” feels old-fashioned. Key also gets recognized a second time for his Amazing Saturday appearances!

Throughout the interview, the children give their thoughts on the songs, and the members of SHINee listen diligently as they reminisce bygone days. While they listen to the kids’ opinions of the songs, they get the chance to reflect on their career to date, as well as remember all the good times they had together alongside each other.

Though they may have sustained a bit of a shock after realizing the beginning of their career predates the birth of all these children, and that what was once the cutting edge of entertainment is now considered “retro,” this touching and cute interview still allowed them the opportunity to reflect on their past activities with pride. You can watch the full video here:

Source: odg and Tumgir