SHINee Will Never Be Able To Escape This Cringeworthy Embarrassing Past

SHINee may be a ten year old group, but the boys will always be boys.

On the latest episode of Weekly Idol, SHINee relived their ever famous “Ppushu Ppushu (뿌셔뿌셔, Korean noodle snack)” commercial from 2009.


Oh, the fans remember. The commercial showed five SHINee members smashing the ramyun-shaped bag of munchies by showing off different dance moves.

This commercial video was playfully “banned” from the fan cafe and considered a dark time of SHINee’s career!


SHINee members have never been shy to talk about this commercial though. In fact, the four of them decided to give it another go. Minho first showed off his upgraded “knee-kick” move.


Then Taemin came forward, crushing his back of snacks with his “popping” dance skills.


Onew actually popped open the bag and sent noodle pieces flying all over the set, with his upgraded “stomping” moves.


Key seemed a little embarrassed when he had to show how he smashed his noodles with “waves”.


This isn’t the first time SHINee members had a blast making fun of their own cheesy commercial. SHINee rocked the set with an out-of-control version of the it on an episode of Saturday Night Live too!


Fans absolutely adore SHINee for poking fun at themselves and laughing about it all.

  • “At this point, they should just shoot a new commercial for their 10th anniversary together.”
  • “I can never not laugh at this lol!”
  • “Hahaha, every single member is a comedian.”
  • “I think by now they enjoy doing this to themselves.”
  • “I love how the knee kick ALWAYS pops the bag open. D*mn Minho.”
  • “Honestly, I thought it was kind of awesome back then. Now it’s so f*cking hilarious.”


Watch the full video of SHINee on Weekly Idol here: