SHINee’s Key Looks GORGEOUS In New Army Uniform Pictures

“How can he look like that without makeup?”

SHAWOLs are blessed with updates from SHINee’s Key in the army! Since having enlisted on March 4 in the military band, there have been few sightings of him in his unit. Luckily new images have appeared featuring Key, and fans can’t stop their hearts from beating.

They approved of his refreshed looks in the army.

 Wow I’ve always found Kibum handsome, but he’s really living his glory days in the army

— Korean Netizen

How can his no makeup face look like that! Eyebrows are so important. He looks the same with makeup.

— Korean Netizen

Hul…why is he so handsome? I entered the fandom when he went to the army.

— Korean Netizen

Key is scheduled to be discharged on October 2020.

Source: theqoo