SHINee’s Minho And Key Choose Which Member They Want To Be Born As In Their Next Life

It was a hard decision!

The members of SHINee recently sat down with Allure Korea and answered various questions from fans.

One of the questions that all the members were asked was which member they would like to be born as in their next life. In a previous video, members Onew and Taemin gave a heartfelt answer by picking each other.

On the other hand, Key and Minho both had very different approaches to the question. Initially, Key seemed quite reluctant to answer.

I don’t know if I want to choose anyone… they wouldn’t want to be born as me either, right?

— SHINee Key

Minho even stated that it was not an easy decision to make!

In the end, Key finally managed to make a decision, and he made sure to emphasize that his answer was not meant negatively!

Whereas Minho still couldn’t get past the question and chose a completely different option!

I would just choose not to be born!

— SHINee Minho

As both members had very similar initial answers, maybe Key and Minho are less different than they first thought!

Watch the full video below!