SHINee’s Taemin and Minho Perform The First Choreography They Learned As Trainees

Shinee‘s Taemin and Minho took a trip down memory lane and showed their fans the first choreography that they learned as trainees .

SHINee was recently in Japan treating their Japanese fans to a concert tour where they performed many of their hit songs. During one of their concerts, SHINee performed their song “Married to the Music” and, during the dance break, Taemin and Minho appeared to let loose and go crazy on stage, performing energetic choreography that many fans didn’t recognize.

The mysterious moves were later revealed by Key to be the first choreography that Taemin and Minho had ever learned as a part of SM Entertainment.

Take a look at the first choreography Taemin and Minho ever learned in SM Entertainment: