SHINee’s Taemin Opens Up About His Inspirational Motivations As An Artist

His reasoning is really sweet

Taemin recently sat down to discuss his motivations and other topics about his artistic career in a pictorial and interview with Vogue Korea.

The SHINee member is set to release a new comeback fairly soon, though the release date hasn’t been stated yet – perhaps due to the coronavirus pandemic – and he’s stated that he’s coming out with several songs, and not just one. He’s also hinted at changing his style of music and dance, potentially focusing more on his singing rather than his dancing, which he is so well-known for.

In the interview with the magazine, he was asked about what motivates and inspires him to make music, and his answer was simple but profound.

I have pride over how the work that I do gives a positive energy to people. I want to make people happy, and I hope that I can be a good inspiration.

— Taemin

His full interview and photoshoot will be available in the April issue of Vogue Korea. The pictures feature Taemin sporting a variety of fashion styles while posing in London, England. Whenever his comeback happens, it’s bound to be great!