Shocking Outfits That Idols Actually Wore On Stage

Idols are known for their stylish and unique performance outfits that change with every stage, but these are definitely the weirdest yet.

While an idol group’s overall performance, choreography, and stagemanship are extremely important, so is their performance outfit. Oftentimes, the outfits of the idols attract more attention than anything else.

These idol group outfits, however have led fans to question the ability of their stylists.

Let’s have a look below.

Red Velvet

Many female idol groups opt to go with extremely adorable performance outfits that have one or two color schemes, where the amount of detail that is put in each individual outfit is astounding and quite impressive. However, Red Velvet opted go to with a very simple one, which made them stand out even more.


B1A4 have worn quite a few unique and unforgettable performance outfits, where one of them even has their faces printed on them. Furthermore, this outfit wasn’t the only one of its kind: there was another set of outfits that had their faces printed on them.

From afar, the faces can’t be seen on their jackets.
As soon as you zoom in, their faces can be seen smiling brightly back at you.
Could their stylists be creating a new genre of fashion?

Six Bomb

Six Bomb created quite the controversy with their strange performance outfit concept for their song “Wait 10 Years Baby”. In their music video, they can be seen wearing nothing but light pink tights that hug every nook and cranny of their bodies. As expected, this outfit was banned from music shows as it was considered inappropriate for younger audiences.


Source: Dispatch