Fans Mixes BTS’s “DNA” Dance With Wanna One’s “Burn It Up”, And Here’s What They Got

The results will shock you.

BTS and Wanna One fans were shocked to find the dance choreography for BTS’ “DNA” and Wanna One’s song “Burn It Up” totally fit together!

Youtuber ‘Bulletproof pitch’ made a video combining BTS’ choreography video with Wanna One’s track, and surprisingly the dance synced almost perfectly to the song.

Each of the members’ individual parts were also on beat, which is impressive since the songs have different tempos!

Fans were blown away when they watched how the powerful dance moves, which were originally eye-catching due to the high energy in BTS “DNA”, matched the upbeat Wanna One “Burn It Up”.

The combination video has lead to an outpouring of love for both groups!

Watch the shockingly in-sync video below:

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