Shocking Video of Racist Woman Throwing Elderly Asian Lady To The Ground Goes Viral

This lady has some serious anger issues.

You never know who you’ll meet on public transportation, sometimes you’ll meet someone nice or you’ll be left alone and other times you could end up with the same fate as the poor elderly Asian woman in a new viral video.


The issue apparently began when a male passenger, who had remained in his seat when the mother and her children boarded the train (causing the two children to share a seat), vacated his seat in order to allow an elderly asian woman to sit down. The kids allegedly thought that the newly empty seat was for them and moved there, but the elderly woman to motion them to go back to sharing a seat so she could sit. That’s when the altercation began.


The video starts off with the mother shouting at the elderly woman and saying that she was getting special treatment from another passenger while claiming that the seat should have been for her children.

Although the elderly woman had no control over what the gentleman did, that didn’t stop the mother from verbally assaulting the older lady. Meanwhile, the older lady remained calm throughout the whole ordeal.


When it appeared that the situation was finally under control, it quickly escalated once again after the older woman told the mom to mind her language.

The mom was not happy and screamed, “Bitch, I will move you off that seat. Try me!


At this point, the mother told her children to push the lady out of the seat.

And the children actually did it!


The older woman remained unfazed and readjusted in the seat after the children pushed her. Seeing this, the mom got up and threw the woman out of the seat!

Luckily, another passenger helped her up and some others turned to tell the mother to stop.


After being physically thrown from her seat, the Asian woman attempted to sit again but eventually decided to stand after the mother made another move towards her.

Throughout this whole ordeal, the mother continued to shout, “Don’t play with my daughter, bitch!


Although the mother got what she wanted, she continued to scream at the older woman. This, in turn, prompted the elderly lady to move farther away but that only seemed to infuriate the mother more.

The mom continued to hurl curse words and added, “This ain’t your country. Welcome to America,” before spitting on her.


The video comes to a close when the mother realized she was being filmed. Instead of being embarrassed by her behavior she turned to the cameraman and threw a few nasty comments at him too.


Although there has been no news of the incident being reported to the police, the video has racked up an impressive number of views with most people reacting to the mother’s behavior with horror. See the whole scary incident below.

Source: Daily Mail