Shocking Video Reveals The True Extent Of TWICE’s Popularity In Japan

It’s pure madness.

TWICE‘s “TT” is possibly the biggest trend in Japan right now. Sukkiri!!, a popular Japanese variety program, hit the streets of Japan to ask people if they know about TWICE’s “TT” dance. The responses were unanimous: everyone knows the iconic TT pose.

Some people interviewed mentioned they do the TT pose when they take photos while others revealed the dance is a syndrome now. Those interviewed by Sukkiri!! also stated that they love TWICE because they love their dances and find them super addictive and cute.

According to Sukkiri!!, over 1200 contestants signed up for a TWICE dance cover competition this year.

But it’s not just the TT dance that’s gaining a lot of attention in Japan. The choreographies for “Knock Knock” and “Signal” are also very popular.

Japanese fans also stated they love the fact that TWICE members try to speak Japanese in Japan and Mandarin in Taiwan for their fans.

TWICE’s popularity is reaching critical mass at this point, with Japanese celebrities doing the TT pose on a regular basis. Here’s Japan’s national MC, Tamori,

And Japan’s rising star actress, Hirose Suzu doing the pose.

Even Japanese road signs warning against drunk driving refers to TWICE.

“You can’t try TWICE in life. After drunk driving: TT”

— Japanese Road Sign

No wonder TWICE makes regular appearance on popular Japanese variety and year-end shows!

Considering how popular they are, the fact that NHK rented a $70 million Boeing private jet for TWICE’s use during their hectic 2017 year end show schedule seems like a bargain in comparison.

Watch the full video below!


Source: Nate Pann