3 Reasons Why Shopping Mall Models Don’t Become Celebrities, According To Two Young Models

Suzy is one of the few celebrities who started out as a shopping mall model.

Several famous Koreans like Suzy started their careers as shopping mall models before becoming celebrities, but it doesn’t happen as often as expected.

Pre-debut picture of Suzy

Ha Hye Ra and Song Hye Won, two young fashion models, recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel AYO, where a netizen brought up the topic.

I wonder why some fashion models don’t go into show business like Han So Hee, Suzy, and Kim Da Mi. Is it because only only their faces are pretty?

— K-netizen

Ha Hye Ra (left) and Song Hye Won (right)

Here are 3 reasons why a good number of them do not end up being celebrities.

1. No opportunity

First, there aren’t many people who are lucky enough to get contacted by entertainment companies. According to Hye Won, if she were given the opportunity to become a celebrity, she would take it. She believes it would help her achieve her goal of becoming a “rich unemployed person.”

I also… I want to try it if I get the chance. Please contact me. My goal is to be a rich unemployed person.

— Song Hye Won

2. Short height

Hye Won added that it was difficult to fulfill her dream of becoming an idol because of her small stature. She was forced to give it up because of the problems she experienced on the way.

Honestly, I wanted to be something like an idol in the past. I wanted to be an idol, but I suddenly stopped growing. There were many problems, so I gave up quickly.

— Song Hye Won

3. Not interested

Last but not the least, it could be as simple as the model being uninterested in joining the entertainment industry. That was the case for Hye Ra. Even though she received offers from many agencies, she decided to not pursue any of them.

I got a lot of offers, but since I wasn’t interested in the business, I think I didn’t answer them at all.

— Ha Hye Ra

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Source: YouTube


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