“Showterview With Jessi” Producer Suddenly Stopped TXT’s Beomgyu After Filming To Give Him An Unexpected Compliment

“There’s an episode behind it.”

TXT‘s Beomgyu recently held a live broadcast where he chatted with his viewers, listened to some good tones, and of course, revealed several intriguing personal stories!

One story Beomgyu shared was a moment after he and his members finished filming on Showterview With Jessi. Beomgyu informed his viewers, “There’s an episode behind it.

Getting into the story, Beomgyu shared that after filming, he was unexpectedly stopped by the show’s producer. While it was a shock to him, the producer merely wanted to give Beomgyu a compliment.

After shooting, I was leaving the studio. I was leaving and the producer? Or should I call him director? The producer, held my arm and said, ‘You resemble Y2K and Click-b.’ I said, ‘Thank you.’

— Beomgyu

For those who may not know, Y2K and Click-B are both first-generation male idol groups! Perhaps it’s Beomgyu’s gorgeous long locks that made the producer make this connection.

Click-B | DSP Entertainment

Furthermore, Beomgyu shared that the producer commented that he specifically looked like Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk.

‘You look like Oh Jong Hyuk. I said, ‘Thank you.’ So, that was was an episode behind it. It was fun.

— Beomgyu

Source: Naver TV