Simon Cowell Hopes To Create British Version Of K-Pop and BTS

He wants to find stars that can replicate their success.

Simon Cowell is on the search for new British talent that can rival those found in K-Pop. He is currently working on a new show called X Factor The Band which will create the next big thing in terms of girl groups and boy bands.

In an exclusive interview with magazine The Sun, he revealed that he “wants to find a new pop phenomenon to compete with Korean K-Pop acts such as the top-selling boy band BTS“.

He recognizes that K-Pop is a growing business with great potential. He hopes to grow UK-Pop in the same way.

K-Pop is ruling the world. This is a show to find a band to launch UK-Pop.

– Simon Cowell

He has high hopes that the winners of his show can create a similar effect that K-Pop has done and create a new music phenomenon.

It’s more than winning a record contract, it’s starting a new music wave. Every group will be put together by us — just like One Direction, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. It’s people who represent Britain’s version of K-Pop. That was always our plan. We’ve just brought it forward a bit.

Simon has previously managed top British acts such as One Direction, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony after they participated in his show The X Factor. He plans on launching the new X Factor The Band in 2020.

Source: The Sun