Simon Dominic Reveals the One Compliment He Wants to Hear for the Rest of His Life

Simon’s a simple man.

Simon Dominic recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with the fashion magazine, Grazia, where he shared what kind of compliments he enjoys hearing.

The revealed photos show Simon to look refined while giving off a very simple image.  By pulling off both formal and casual looks, he gave off an aura that can only be sensed on true models.

In particular, Simon flaunted his handsome facial features and showed off a gaze that is capable of swaying just about anyone.

In the interview that followed, Simon was asked what compliments he enjoyed hearing the most. In response, Simon confessed that as a rapper, he enjoyed hearing that his rap was good or that they liked his lyrics.

But that’s not all he wants to hear. Simon also added, “I also want to hear that I’m sexy. I want to hear these two compliments for the rest of my life.

Source: Insight