Simon Dominic Teared Up As Soon AS The Topic Of His Ex-Girlfriend Lady Jane Came Up

Simin Dominic and Lady Jane dated for 6 years before breaking up in 2013.

YouTube channel Guerilla Date just released a video of Simon Dominic talking about his album No Open Flames as well as how he’s been doing.

But during the show, Lee Yong Jin suddenly remarked, “My agency recently signed with Lady Jane.

And in response, Simon Dominic became speechless and opened his eyes wide.

After seeing Simon Dominic’s shocked response, Lee Yong Jin asked, “Was that too sudden?” to which Simon Dominic replied, “What do I do?

As the talk went on, Simon Dominic’s eyes teared up and his hands shook.

Back in 2013, Simon Dominic broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years, Lady Jane.

Check out the clip below starting at 4:14:

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