This Simple Test Will Determine Whether Or Not You’re A Smartphone Addict

Run a quick self-test to see if your wrists are surviving all the cellphone time!

Are you addicted to your cellphone? A simple self-test can determine if you’ll need to take some time away from the device.


It’s the “Eichhoff’s Test”, designed to diagnose De Quervain’s syndrome, which is a thumb-side tendon strain injury commonly caused by the frequent use of the thumbs to use the phone.

Because the syndrome is caused by repetitive motion, this test can tell if you’ve been holding on to that phone too long.


To see if you have it, first you make a fist with you hands but wrap your thumb inside the other four fingers. Then, bend your wrist downwards as shown below.


If there is pain in the wrists, your tendons are most likely affected. Perhaps it is time to put down the phone and start taking care of those wrists!

Source: Instiz