This Simple Trick Will Help You Maintain A Flawless Hairline Like K-Pop Idols Do

You may try this at home.

On her YouTube channel “WayLand”, Crayon Pop‘s Way shared how K-Pop idols always seem to have the most perfect hairlines to complement their faces. Way pointed out, while idols go through a lot of hairstyles and risk hair loss like receding hairlines, they have this one simple trick that will cover them for photoshoots and performances!


To demonstrate, Way actually nonchalantly showed the viewers her hairline. She had some spots that had less hair than desirable, changing her hairline and ultimately changing her image.


Way shared that the best way to “quick fix” this would require a small brush and a darker shade of eyeshadow or shading powder.

Use a small tipped brush because that will make it more natural. And any darker shade of eyeshadow will do.

— Way


Then in quick strokes, Way began to fill in the balder areas with the eyeshadow. She pointed out that it will look more discreet if dabbed, not brushed.


Soon the spot had been filled in a shade of brown and it created an illusion that made her hairline look fuller!


Isn’t that neat?

How does this look? See how the hairline has been filled? No matter how I flip my hair… Or even tie my hair back in a ponytail, it won’t show. That tricks the camera. It looks pretty real in person too!

— Way


Watch the sweet tip work its magic here: