Singer Choi Yong Joon Thanks BTS’s Jungkook For Covering His Song

He thanked him for the cover song.

On January 15 KST, BTS’s Jungkook posted a song cover of “Perhaps That Was Love” through their official Twitter account. This song was originally sung by Choi Yong Joon in 1989.


Choi commented, “I received so many calls this morning. My fans even contacted me and sent me the link of Jungkook’s cover to my song.”

This song cover was posted at 5:27 AM KST and had fans losing sleep over his dreamy vocals.


Choi added, “I want to say thank you to Jungkook. Funny enough, I recently held my 30th year anniversary concert too. I don’t know if he knew about that, but I am truly touched that he sang my song.”


His Instagram message read, “What’s going on this morning? I got messages saying that BTS’s Jungkook sang my song. Is it time for me to join ARMYs?”


Jungkook revealed through Weverse that this was one of his father’s favorite songs. He eventually revealed the songs to fans after a fun posting session on the app with member V.


Fans were happy to see such a nice interaction between a senior and junior musician.


“The song is great~ I was touched because Jungkook sang it so well. He sang it well even though it was just a karaoke microphone. Fighting to both Jungkook and Choi Yong Joon!”


“Is there anyone that comes close to Jungkook? He came to visit fans in the whee hours of the night and revealed a song to us that was a favorite of his dad’s. I’m already happy and the day hasn’t even started yet. I love you Jungkook!”


“Jungkook’s vocals totally touched my heart. I love both the original singer and Jungkook’s vibes in this song. It’s all great!”


“Jungkook’s voice early in the morning is the sound of an angel! Thank you Choi Yong Joon and hope your concert goes well! A song present from Jungkook!”


“The song is so wonderful! I will support Choi Yong Joon too because he is the singer of the song that Jungkook likes!”


What did you think of Jungkook’s cover of this song?

Source: hankookilbo