Chymes Thanks BTS’s Jungkook For Believing In Her Music When No One Else Did

Jungkook is always supporting other artists.

Chymes, who used to be a duo but is now a solo female act, produces electro-pop style music who released their first EP in 2016.

On February 6, she posted a Tweet reminiscing about the time when no one really believed in her music and that BTS’s Jungkook shared their song online, allowing her to receive so much love and support from his fans.

Her follower numbers increased greatly just after Jungkook’s Tweet with “Dreaming” ranking high on several different music charts.

She stated during an interview that they were literally living in a dream and that she can’t believe that someone like him would support her music.

She later covered Jungkook’s “Euphoria” through their YouTube channel to thank him for his support.

Stories like this really goes to show how much passion and appreciation Jungkook has for all kinds of music. Using his platform to shine light on others is something Jungkook has continuously been doing and fans are always ready to help support him

Take a listen to “Dreaming” below.