Singer Halsey Felt The Most Connected To BTS’s Suga After Listening To His Music

She felt the most connected to his music.

During an interview with Apple Music, Halsey revealed how shocked she was after listening to BTS Suga’s songs from his AGUST D album.


During their first encounter, she remembers meeting them a few times on several different occasions. “I met with them a few times just to get to know them on a personal level. We weren’t even thinking about doing a collaboration, but I think we always knew we wanted to do one.”


With their collaboration with “Boy with Luv” she felt that it was something different and the last thing people would expect them to do considering their different styles of music. “It was really incredible because I think it was the last song that anyone would’ve expected us to do seeing as they have some really dark stuff in their catalog and so do I.”


After getting to know them on an individual basis and learning what their hobbies and interests are, she delved into some of their music and was shocked after listening to Suga’s solo project, AGUST D. “After getting into some of their solo music, I listened to Suga’s stuff and was blown away after looking up the lyric translations.”


She felt an instant connection with his music that made her want to work with him. “His stuff is so introspective with his content talking about mental health and inner turmoil. He’s a really quiet guy in real life so you wouldn’t expect something like that.”


She explained that there were other member’s that may have suited better for her collaboration but she felt that Suga’s spoke to her the most. “RM and I are really good friends and some of the guys have similar vocal ranges to mine so Suga was probably the last member of BTS that people would have expected me to work with. But I felt the most connected to Suga’s lyrical approach and that he would be the one to get what it feels like to be manic and introspective.”



Watch Halsey’s full interview below: