“Single’s Inferno 2” Lee Nadine Responds To Question About Being Envious Of Shin Seul Ki And Spills Behind The Scenes Tea

“I think everything kind of happened for a reason.”

On February 15, Lee Nadine from Single’s Inferno 2 uploaded a Q&A video titled “All About Nadine” on her YouTube channel, where she answered burning questions from fans about her experience on the Netflix dating show.

Lee Nadine | Netflix

Viewers had high expectations for Single’s Inferno 2 after the success of season one—and it did not disappoint. With six male and six female contestants, the cast started the show with awkward mingling and ended it with bold confessions about who they are most interested in.

Nadine was the only Korean-American member of the show and was adored by fans for her “Toothless” plush doll, her interactions with Kim Jin Young, and of course, her saying “Jurassic World?

Many fans had questions for the beautiful, bright, and well-rounded Nadine, and she answered them with behind-the-scene stories in her Q&A video. She started the video by answering questions about her personal life, such as what she’s been up to these days.

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She is currently finishing her last semester at Harvard University and it’s clear to see that she is a hardworking student. When asked if she is dating anyone, she said she isn’t because her current focus is to get her thesis done and graduate.


Nadine answered more questions regarding getting plastic surgery, her MBTI, a mystery guy in her Instagram post, and if she is on dating apps.

She then continued with the second part of the Q&A session—the part we were all waiting for—where she answered questions about Single’s Inferno 2.

One important question came up: “Is ‘Single’s Inferno’ scripted?” To this, she answered, “No, it is not scripted,” confirming that all interactions on the show were real.

Cast of “Single’s Inferno 2” | @deeenerss/Instagram

When she was asked the question, “Were you envious of Shin Seul Ki?” Nadine answered that all the girls were envious of her because “all the guys were in love with heras they should because she is gorgeous, she is accomplished, she is so charming.”

Truly a woman supporting other women, Nadine showed her love for other female contestants on the show, such as Choi Seo Eun.

When asked what her favorite moment was in Single’s Inferno 2, she said it was the wrestling match with Seo Eun. With a big smile, she said, “Seo Eun and I were BFFs on the show and still are now.” She also admitted that she enjoyed winning the match because she is a very competitive person.

Her appreciation for Seo Eun overflowed to the following question: “If I were a guy, which female cast member would I pick?” Nadine answered that it would either be Seo Eun or Park Se Jeong.

Choi Seo Eun (left), Park Se Jeong (middle), and Lee Nadine (right) | Netflix

Nadine shared that overall, she is satisfied with her experience on Single’s Inferno 2.

I am definitely satisfied with my Single’s Inferno experience. I came out of it with lifelong friendships, memorable experiences that I never would have been able to get otherwise. Being on a Netflix show—that’s crazy. I think everything kind of happened for a reason.

— Nadine

Watch her answer all of the questions in the full video.



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