The “Single’s Inferno” Star Who Was Accused Of Faking Her Hot Body On Set

She discredited netizens’ “evidence.”

Single’s Inferno 3 star An Min Young recently received criticism for editing her Instagram photos, but another cast member was once accused of editing her body in real life.

An Min Young | Netflix

Shin Ji Yeon, one of the original Single’s Inferno cast members, made headlines when she stepped out in a long-sleeved, form-fitting beach attire during a beach game during the show.

Although she was covered up in long sleeves and full-length leggings, her outfit accentuated her slim and curvy physique. Ever since the scene, she was deemed the new “body-hotty” of the show!

The Single’s Inferno female cast members. Shin Ji Yeon is third from the right. | Netflix

Fans were stunned at her perfect hip line despite being all covered up. Comments such as, “She’s the most covered up but her body is the best” and “Wow, who knew?” popped up on various portal sites as she went viral.

However, some netizens were adamant and accused Shin Ji Yeon of using hip pads. Hip pads are shape-boosting products that can transform one’s physique to look curvier in all the right places. Hip pads and butt-padding leggings are widely used among both Koreans and the international community, and netizens believe she was taking part in the same trend to give off a more “flattering” look.

Left: Normal leggings. Right: Hip-enhancing leggings. | Kindame

To address these claims, she took time during a Q&A on her YouTube channel to talk about her physique.

She firmly denied the use of hip pads and claimed that she had always been on the thicker side in terms of having hips. She continued to unveil her height and weight.

At 5′ 54 (169cm) tall, she only weighs a mere 112 lbs (51kg) — and it’s only after having gained a few extra pounds! During filming for Single’s Inferno, she exercised daily to look her best on-screen. But now, she tries to go to the gym once a week to maintain her figure.

So there you have it! She’s just blessed with great genes! Check out her very first YouTube video below.

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