SISTAR Soyou Confesses Perverts Constantly Try To Take Pictures Under Their Skirts

SISTAR always showed a sexy charm onstage that differentiated them from other girl groups but Soyou has one worry about their image so far. 

SISTAR has always been known for their spectacular live performances which were accentuated by their flawless figures and sexy outfits. However, it seems like member Soyou has a few worries about their stage outfits.

Recently, Soyou’s remark about her short skirts resurfaced. The original interview was taken from Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that aired in 2012.

“I hate wearing short skirts.

When we go to an event, there are people who take photos under our skirt. There are even some who would touch us with their hands.”

— SISTAR’s Soyou

She went on to confessed that they had to modify their choreography for their track, “So Cool” because of its explicitness. Soyou admitted that SISTAR’s strong and sexy image is what separates them from other girl groups.

“It’s a bit of a recurring issue, but it’s sometimes it’s good. We are positive that we have a healthy image.”

— SISTAR’s Soyou


Source: Dispatch