SISTAR’s Soyou Used To Style 4MINUTE and Highlight’s Hair

Soyou was known for working at a hair salon during her pre-debut days but she also apparently did hair and makeup for both Highlight and 4MINUTE.

SISTAR‘s Soyou recently guest starred on MBC‘s Radio Star where she talked about her experiences working at a hair salon.

Due to her family’s tough financial situation, Soyou had to find part-time work and ended up receiving her hairdresser’s license. She worked at a hair salon for 3 years where she occasionally had to deal with customers who made her feel uncomfortable.

“There were people who kept their eyes wide open as I was shampooing their hair. I had to keep washing their hair but it was uncomfortable for me [when they’re staring at me], I couldn’t do it.”

— SISTAR’s Soyou

Soyou’s hairdressing background provided her with some unique experiences while she was a trainee with Cube Entertainment and she ended up styling hair for various other idols.

“When I was a trainee, doing hair was one of my strengths. I did hair and makeup for some current idols. Highlight and 4MINUTE, since I used to be in Cube. They couldn’t just do the monthly evaluations, they had to get dressed up too so I did each of their hairstyles for that.”

— SISTAR’s Soyou

Watch Soyou talk about her experiences working at the hair salon and with BEAST and 4MINUTE below: