A 6-Year-Old Korean YouTuber Bought An $8 Million Building In The Heart Of Gangnam

The purchase quickly went viral:

Although Boram is just 6 years old, she and her family are now the owners of a multimillion-dollar five-story building in Gangnam!


Boram is a 6-year-old YouTuber who stars in two YouTube channels, Boram Tube Vlog and Boram Tube Toys Review. Her first channel primarily focuses on her daily life and includes fun videos that feature cooking, eating, playing, and completing challenges. Meanwhile, her review channel features, what else, toy reviews!


And although she may be young, Boram is one of the most famous YouTubers in South Korea with almost 32 million subscribers and has over 10 billion views between her two channels.

While Boram has received plenty of attention from her channel, a few weeks ago she began receiving attention for a whole other reason. At the end of July, Boram Family, her parents’ company, bought a five-story building in the heart of Gangnam.


According to reports, the family now own the whole building which is a whopping 258.3 square meters (2,780.32 square feet). The building was purchased back in April.


Even more impressive than the size of the building was the price. Coming in at 9.5 billion won (approximately $8 million USD), the building was definitely not cheap but it was bought with the money Boram has earned on YouTube! It’s estimated that Boram earns up to $3.6 million a month on Boram Tube Vlog and another $779,700 on her Tube Toys Review channel!

Source: Korean Herald and CNN