Moments From SIXTEEN That Proved Each TWICE Member Was Destined For Greatness

Before TWICE debuted, each of the members took part in JYP Entertainment‘s Mnet survival show SIXTEEN.

And while the members had to compete with other JYP Entertainment trainees for their spots in TWICE, each member flashed the potential to be superstars during the show.

With so many talented and charming members, no wonder TWICE has become Asia’s #1 girl group!

Here are just a few moments where each member proved that they were truly meant for greatness.


Her first teaser

Nayeon was the first SIXTEEN member to be revealed, and she immediately stole hearts all around Korea with her cover of Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” and her famous line “I am a girl…that is good to date!

“Santa Tell Me”

Nayeon’s cover of Ariana Grande‘s “Santa Tell Me” had fans falling head over heels with her angelic voice. Although she still lookws a little shy on stage, she proved she had the star power to be part of a top girl group.

Asking fans to vote

Nayeon showed off her signature charms while asking fans to vote for her on the show. After watching this short clip, ONCEs will realize that she’s just as silly and charismatic when she was on SIXTEEN as she is now.



Perhaps Jeongyeon’s most memorable moment on SIXTEEN was her cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Applause.” She proved that not only was she chic, but she could also pull off a wild and crazy concept as well. The dance even looks like it inspired her “Pinocchio” dance in “TT.” And her vocals were on point.


Jeongyeon was one of the members who stood out the most during the photoshoot mission due. With her natural chic aura and model proportions, Jeongyeon easily led the group and gained praise from all the judges.

Saxophone Performance

Jeongyeon showed off her musical talents by performing 15&‘s “Can’t Hide It” on the saxophone. To this day, the performance is still considered one of Jeongyeon’s most legendary moments!



Momo did a dance performance to Pentatonix‘s cover of Ariana‘s “Problem” during a Episode 4 challenge against Natty and completely blew the audience away with her overwhelming talent and charms.

Her teaser

Like Nayeon, Momo immediately stole the show with her first teaser for SIXTEEN. In her short video, Momo proved she would immediately make an impact to TWICE as the obvious lead dancer and one of the top dancers in the entire K-Pop industry as well.

“Swing Baby”

Momo, Chaeyoung, and Jiwon formed the “Minor A” team and performed J.Y. Park’s “Swing Baby,” but it was Momo who instantly stood out with her sexy charms and undeniable aura.


Spring Rolls

One of the top moments on the entire show was Sana’s cooking performance. While she was super adorable while holding her mini cooking show, she stood out the most to her surprise announcement that she didn’t use organic vegetables in the spring rolls.

Her rap

Sana actually performed the rap for the Major Team on the final challenge’s “Do It Again” stage. Although the part was eventually given to Chaeyoung for the official recording of the song, her rapping ability proved she was indeed multi-talented.


During episode 7, Sana faced off against Chaeryeong in a pool challenge. Unfortunately for Sana, her inflatable hammer broke almost immediately and she had to resort to splashing water. However, she was a little too excited and eliminated herself after going off-balance.


“Love Battery”

While most of the members performed dance songs, Jihyo took another route by performing Hong Jinyoung’s legendary trot song “Love Battery.” She truly showed off her incredible range and unique charms.

“All About That Bass”

Throughout SIXTEEN, Jihyo was criticized for her weight. Instead of submitting to the criticism, however, Jihyo responded by performing a beautiful rendition Meghan Trainor‘s “All About That Bass,” blowing the judges away with her confidence and talent.

Member Votes

During episode 7 of SIXTEEN, the remaining members voted for who they believed embodied all the traits of a TWICE member the best. Jihyo won in a landslide victory because of her caring personality and outstanding leadership.


“Drunk In Love”

Among the TWICE members, Mina trained for the shortest period of time before debuting and was a bit of a mystery when she first appeared on the show. After doing ballet for her first performance, Mina shocked everyone with a legendary dance performance of Beyoncé‘s “Drunk In Love” that showed off her dark and sexy charms.

Birth Of The Black Swan

Mina first showed off her mysterious “black swan” aura during the photoshoot challenge, where she posed with a red apple like the evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


During her performance of Pharrell Williams‘s “Happy,” Mina showed her bright side on stage. Her singing during the stage was probably also the loudest it has ever been!


Eagle Dance

Before Dahyun became a JYP Entertainment trainee, she was known as a viral sensation for her “eagle dance” performance at her church. During the first challenge on SIXTEEN, she brought back the dance to show why it became a hit online.

“La La Latch”

In a three way battle between herself, Chaeryeong, and Sana, Dahyun did a performance to Pentatonix’s “La La Latch” and showed off her unlimited energy and charisma, proving she was more than just a viral sensation.

First “Saida” Moment

Dahyun and Sana’s loving relationship is well-known among ONCEs, and it all began all the way back in SIXTEEN. Dahyun chose Sana as a girl she’d date if she were a boy, noting that Sana has a lot of aegyo.



Another one of the most legendary moment on the entire show was Chaeyoung’s performance of J.Y Park’s “Honey.” In addition to her silly dancing, Chaeyoung also wrote her own rap for the song, which blew judge San E away.

“Do It Again”

Chaeyoung essentially locked down the position as TWICE’s lead rapper during Major Team’s performance of “Do It Again.” Although the part she rapped was eventually given to Momo, she showed a natural flow and tone that deserved the top rap position in any idol group.

“Hands Up”

During a special performance of 2PM‘s “Hands Up,” Chaeyoung took on Taecyeon’s rap part and made it her own. Fans who watched the performance know why Chaeyoung was a frontrunner throughout the entire show!


A Killer Greeting

Tzuyu joined Nayeon and Jeongyeon on a trip to Nayeon’s old school to ask students to attend their show. To convince them to come, Tzuyu did a killer “you must come” move that made the whole cafeteria go wild.

Not much was known about Tzuyu before she performed The Pussycat Dolls’s “Sway” during a one on one challenge agains Nayeon. She proved to everyone that she wasn’t just a pretty face, but was in fact oozing with talent and potential.


Despite being the youngest member to debut with TWICE, Tzuyu drew a lot of attention for her incredibly sexy charms during her cover of miss A‘s “Hush” with Nayeon and Jeongyeon. Her performance really put her on the map and helped her gain enough popularity to eventually become part of the group.