Skincare Tips From BTS V That Will Give You Idol-like Skin

BTS’s V shows off his pimples to fans, and then gives a lesson or two on proper skincare.

Pimples are not something people are usually happy about. It’s nice in an industry that stresses appearance to see an idol so happy in their own skin. In a recent video, a bare-faced V “introduced” fans to his pimple in an adorable fashion.

Recently V has been vlogging about his skin condition, and in this video below he shows off his nightly skincare routine. V gives fans some useful tips on how to take care of their skin and apply lotion the proper way. Check it out below!

What struck fans as unique, was the fact that V’s proudly showed off pimples, rather than hiding them. In a tweet from July 2015, he posted a video commenting that his pimple “had made a new friend”.

Check out more of V’s adorable skin antics in the video below… after Jimin fools around a bit. ㅋㅋㅋ