Skype Reveals They’re Big Fans Of K-Pop, Especially Lovelyz

Global communications and social networking company Skype has expressed their love and support for K-Pop on Twitter again.

On March 29, Skype’s official Twitter account responded to a K-Pop fan who asked them if they liked the group, Lovelyz. In response, they explained that they didn’t only “like” them, but that they “Candy Jelly Love” the group, referencing Lovelyz’s debut title song released in 2014.

The fan then additionally asked Skype who their favorite member of the group was, to which Skype provided another witty response with a Lovelyz-related pun:

Instead of spelling “okay”, Skype humorously changed the spelling of the word to include the name of one of Lovelyz’s members, Kei, which many fans greatly appreciated.

However, this isn’t the only time Skype has shown their support for K-Pop. Late last month, their Twitter account exchanged some tweets with a BTS fan and even proved that they were genuine fans of K-Pop.

Who would have known!