Sleepless Nights & Going Broke—BLACKPINK Stan Reveals The TRUTH About Running a Fanbase

Maybe running a fanbase isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a fanbase for your bias, planning events to show your love to them? According to 23-year-old Dominique Falcon, founder of an international fanbase for BLACKPINK’s Jennie, running such a big fan account isn’t always fun and games.


With a staggering 33K followers, @DREAMJENNIE_ was founded back in September 2018.

Admin and founder Dominique, who lives in the Philippines, started listening to BLACKPINK when they debuted, and by “Playing With Fire” era she was already a fully-fledged BLINK.

With Jennie’s 23rd birthday fast approaching, Dominique noticed that most of her bias’s fanbases were on hiatus with no birthday projects in the works. That’s when she got the idea to start DreamJennie with her fellow Jennie stan friend, Cha.

DreamJennie started from scratch, and the rest is history.

Dominique Falcon

But that history hasn’t been easy. While stans like Dominique would probably love to spend their days keeping fanbases alive, real life can get in the way. Alongside running DreamJennie, Dominique has to handle a full-time job as a Marketing Officer.

In between attending meetings and writing reports, Dominique uses her few minutes of free time to check notifications on DreamJennie.

Jennie’s CEO style

And running a fanbase isn’t just about scrolling through Twitter. DreamJennie is also responsible for planning birthday support projects, trending hashtags, and more. It’s no surprise that busy Dominique says she’s even lost sleep when carrying out her admin duties!

Plus, there’s the money. Running a fanbase may be a full-time job, but Dominique doesn’t get paid. In fact, she’s often the one paying!

Jennie attempts to pay the bill on a lunch date with Red Velvet’s Irene.

DreamJennie holds fundraising events to pay for slogans, cup sleeves, giveaways, and travel to other cities to support Jennie and BLACKPINK. But when they can’t raise enough funds, that money has to come right out of their own bank accounts.

It takes a village to run a fanbase.

Dominique Falcon

That’s why Dominique recruited plenty of other enthusiastic BLINKs to help her make the hard work a little easier—Tine, Chelsea, Steph, and Marje are all part of the team. Everyone takes on an important role, from editing posters to printing cheering kits to organizing giveaways.

I am so thankful for these four girls. The love and support they have for Jennie amazes me.

Dominique Falcon

Just like the love and support Jennie’s members have for her.

But no matter how hard it is, running a major fanbase is one of the most rewarding parts of being a BLINK for Dominique. When BLACKPINK performed in Manila, the DreamJennie team got to make it special for their bias.

They gave her a cake, which she excitedly posted to her Instagram account.

The DreamJennie team even gets to help other people through charity. They’ve fed street children on Jennie’s birthday, adopted a giraffe under Jennie’s name, and sponsored operations for children with cleft palates.

In the past, being a DreamJennie admin got so hard that Dominique considered leaving. But ultimately, the love she has for Jennie will always be strong enough to keep her going.

We chose this life, and it’s just so satisfying to see the girl you idolize achieve her dreams.

Dominique Falcon

Jennie sends finger hearts to fans at a fansign.

Thinking of running your own fanbase? Go for it! Dominique says the most important qualities you need are responsibility, trustworthiness, and transparency.

It can get exhausting, but it’s worth it, especially when I’m able to make my idol happy.

Dominique Falcon

Jennie flashes fans a big, beautiful smile.
Source: ABS-CBN