SM’s Editors Cleverly Reveal Their Knowledge Of NCT 127’s Inside Jokes

SM Entertainment staff need to drop their fan account info ASAP.

There can sometimes be a disconnect between what fans want and what an entertainment company plans for their artists.

In NCT 127‘s Opening Show for their upcoming full album NCT #127: Neo Zone, it looks like SM Entertainment‘s editors have been keeping tabs on the things that fans have been saying.

Taking a page out of a filmmaker’s book, the editing team used opening credits to reference MGM‘s Leo The Lion to insert a clever inside joke about Mark that had NCTzens loving it.

Instead of keeping the lion in the center, the editors inserted Mark there. To make it even funnier, he fully committed to his role by roaring like a lion.

It was so funny that Mark had to crack up after doing it. The clip had NCTzens even more amused because of the fact that they’ve nicknamed him a baby lion.

If the staff hadn’t been following fans’ comments about Mark being the adorable baby lion he is, they might’ve never even known about it.

Although it may not seem like it, it looks like SM staff are secret NCTzens.

See the funny and clever opening to their video here.