(★TRENDING) SM Entertainment Staff claim this Rookie is already the best singer in the company

And this is what he got for being the greatest singer!

SM Entertainment recently held their annual workshop and this rookie has been receiving attention for winning a prize!


According to a staff who uploaded the post, NCT’s Doyoung won first place in a duet with his manager!


The song they sang was Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon’s duet “Doll”.


And for his win, Doyoung apparently received 10,000,000 won ($9,000 USD) as the prize money!


Netizens have been congratulating the idol on this great achievement.

  • “I’m so proud of u bunny”
  • “Doyoung!! I was feeling sh*tty but he made my day”
  • “Our Doyoung won $9,000 for singing well”
  • “Well done!!”
  • “What is it that Doyoung can’t do?”
  • “Doyoung is amazing…”


They have also been quite surprised at the generous sum of the prize money!

  • “Wow~ SM is filthy rich giving $9,000 at a workshop. But I think Doyoung is going to use all $9,999 on the members…”
  • “$9,000…dayam”
  • “If you win at an SM workshop 3 times, you can buy a freaking car”
  • “I’m so jealous…$9,000?!”


Doyoung apparently used this money to treat his members out to a nice meal and fans were absolutely touched by his generosity.

  • “Our Doyoung took NCT out for a meal, something that the CEO can’t even do! Our Doyoung did it! I love you so much Doyoung. Just look at his smile he’s a bunny.”
  • “He said he’s going to treat his members with the money! Our precious NCT members, I hope they eat all $9,000 worth of delicious food and gain some weight!”
  • “Doyoung has the ability to win $9,000 and buy his members a meal…he’s got some real potential”


Doyoung not only is a great singer, but he is also apparently extremely caring, especially towards his members!


Fans hope that SM Entertainment will release footage of the workshop as they are dying to know what Doyoung’s version of “Doll” sounds like. Meanwhile, check out Doyoung’s “Hard For Me” from the Rich Man soundtrack to hear Doyoung’s gentle voice!

After hearing his voice, it’s no wonder he won the first place!