Gifs That Show Just How Gorgeous SM Entertainment Leaders Are

We can look at them all day.

SM Entertainment is one of the most exclusive companies in South Korea, owing to the fact that they only accept the best of the best. The idols from SM Entertainment appear to have it all—talent, good looks, and personality. Among them, the leaders are especially commendable because they are also equipped with the leadership skills to lead their group.

Is it a coincidence that they happen to be both talented and gorgeous? We think not. Here are gifs that prove just how good looking SM Entertainment leaders are.

1. TVXQ – Yunho

TVXQ‘s Yunho has classic, rugged good looks that make him appeal to all generations of women.

2. Super Junior – Leeteuk

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk may be 36 years old, but with his clear skin and bright smile, we won’t blame you if you mistakenly think he’s years younger than his actual age.

3. Girls’ Generation – Taeyeon

GirlsGeneration‘s Taeyeon becomes more and more beautiful as the years pass by. Take a look at any of her pictures and you’ll agree!

4. SHINee – Onew

If SHINee‘s Onew doesn’t captivate you with his good looks, then his beautiful voice will do the trick.

5. f(x) – Victoria

With her effortless beauty and grace, Victoria can draw all eyes to her when she enters a room.

6. EXO – Suho

EXO‘s Suho has manly features and broad shoulders that attract many fans to him at first sight.

7. Red Velvet – Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene is known as one of the most beautiful women South Korea. Just take one look at her and you will immediately understand why!

8. NCT – Taeyong

Although Taeyong is not NCT‘s official leader, it’s an open secret that he is. With his talents and good looks, he’s truly a full package!