SM Entertainment’s Female Artists Have Talent, Visual, and This In Common!

They are kind of amazing!

SM Entertainment‘s former and current female artists all have these in common: amazing talent, out-of-this-world visuals, and unusually fast reflexes! Check out how these K-Pop idols have wowed us, not only with their song and dance, but also with their lightning speed instincts.


1. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene had her spidey senses tingle right before the picture frame lunged off the wall. She threw her hand back and tried to catch the frame from falling on the members. Watch how she saved it from hitting the floor!

Actually, Irene is a master of catching things that are mid-falling. When this CD tried to escape her grip, she stopped it with just her pinky. Talk about fast reflexes!


2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi also has an incredibly quick reflex and it paid off when she almost ran into her fellow group member Yeri at the airport. Seulgi wasn’t looking when Yeri suddenly halted right in front of her and the two came fairly close to crashing. But thanks to her awesome instincts, Seulgi hit the brakes right before the two bumped!


3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

While performing on stage that did not allow fan gifts, such as flowers and stuffed animals, to be thrown up, Taeyeon spotted a doll flying in her way. Taeyeon, with her amazing reflex, caught it single-handedly then tossed it right back to the audience. Fans can’t get over how it almost looks rehearsed because of the way Taeyeon so casually grabbed the plushie mid air!


4. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny‘s pen catch is actually an iconic moment in all of K-Pop idols showing off their super fast reflexes. When she noticed the pen rolling down the desk, although she seemed completely oblivious to the situation, Sunny kicked it right back on to the desk. Sunny’s nonchalant way of keeping the pen where it belongs had her fans amazed for days!


5. Sooyoung

Former SM Entertainment’s artist Sooyoung also has an incredibly fast reflex, but more importantly she has her priorities right. When someone threw a bag of chips her way, Sooyoung did not hesitate a second before dropping her microphone to catch the goodies. Note how, for a second, she processes what had happened, then moves on to opening the snacks. This level of prioritizing is goals!


6. Tiffany

When her earring fell off, Tiffany caught it in time – but no one ever noticed anything happening because she made it so graceful and blended it in like a part of her choreography! Watch how her right hand moves over quickly to grab a gold hoop earring from disappearing into thin air. Fans praised how professionally Tiffany handled the outfit mishap while totally showing off her awesome reflexes!


7. Krystal

When Krystal appeared on Inkigayo as a special show host, she got to carry the bouquet of flowers for the #1 spot winner. As she was walking on to the stage to crown the winner, however, she slipped and almost dropped the bouquet. With her speedy hands though, Krystal caught the flowers before they fell. She realized the camera was watching everything, so she gave a cheeky smile and moved on. Fans commented that Krystal’s athleticism must have contributed to the amazing reflex, saving the winner’s flowers from being damaged. Nice catch!

Source: Nate Pann