SM Entertainment Once Refused To Film An f(x) Music Video So Amber Had To Do It Herself

“If *they* won’t make an f(x) music video, I will.”

It’s been almost seven years since f(x) released their last Korean song, “All Mine”, but its fun beat and quirky music video live on in MeU’s hearts. But while fans have always known that f(x)’s main rapper, Amber, directed the video, Luna has now revealed that it wasn’t entirely by choice.

Released as part of the first iteration of SM Entertainment‘s SM Station project, “All Mine” dropped all the way back in June 2016, around a year after f(x)’s last comeback with 4 Walls. The energetic EDM track was accompanied by a music video shot entirely on a handheld camera, taking fans behind the scenes of an SMTOWN concert.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

When the video premiered, the company confirmed that Amber directed the entire 3-minute 40-second clip herself — reiterated by Amber herself, who tells Krystal, “I’m filming a music video,” in the opening scene. In a “K-POP REWIND” interview with 14F on YouTube, Luna subtly revealed why the responsibility fell on Amber.

| 14F 일사에프/YouTube

You know how much fun we had while filming it? Gosh, really.

— Luna

While most fans didn’t realize it at the time, “All Mine” would be the last track f(x) released as a group despite their contracts not ending until between 2019 and 2021. “It was really such a big deal that Amber-unnie was going to film the music video,” Luna revealed, recalling how much they enjoyed the process. Then, the main vocalist explained that Amber took on the task because “they” — presumably referring to the agency, SM Entertainment — weren’t willing to.

| 14F 일사에프/YouTube

Amber was like, ‘If they won’t make an f(x) music video, I will.’

— Luna

Luna went on to explain that the members knew “All Mine” could be their last song as a group. As such, she says that Amber wanted to create something meaningful even though they were busy at the time. During the SMTOWN concert, Luna says, Amber took them aside one by one and got them all to film their parts of the video.

| 14F 일사에프/YouTube

Even if we were in the middle of our concert, she would take us one by one [and say], ‘Hey, we have to film this,’ and filmed us herself.

— Luna

Naturally, due to Luna’s interview, many MeUs expressed their disappointment and frustration that SM Entertainment failed to support f(x)’s activities in their final years. However, that doesn’t mean fans should lose all hope. During the interview, Luna clarified, “We’re not disbanded!” Although the members are no longer under the same agencies, there could still be home for a new f(x) comeback when their schedules align. We’re praying for a potential reunion, just like how Girls’ Generation had one!


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