SM Entertainment To Release New Merchandise And Fans Think It’s Pretty Weird

Fans are divided.

Recently, SM Entertainment announced new merch for their groups. Upon first glance, people were unsure what it actually was, with some believing it was toy blocks.

Turns out, SM Entertainment will be releasing cable bites that feature the names of artists from their groups! Each group has their own special color and font and the cable bite is meant to be used to protect charging cables. Check out the designs here:



Super Junior:



Girls’ Generation:


Red Velvet:

NCT 127:

NCT Dream:

Opinions on the cable bites have been divided. Some like it because it’s cute and practical since it protects their chargers, while others think it’s strange and just another attempt to get fans to spend money.

Fans also note how the NCT 127 collection did not include Winwin. Winwin debuted with the group but has been absent since “Simon Say” due to his activities in China. WayV, the China unit of NCT, also do not have their own cable bites.

Source: TheQoo