SM Entertainment Under Fire For Selling Charter Flights with SM Artists to Fans

SM Entertainment introduced a new “charter package”, where fans can reserve seats in the economy class of the same flight that SM artists take to Dubai.

SM Entertainment recently released their “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI” in DUBAI Global Packages to international fans.

Global Package perks usually include concert tickets, hotel accommodation, tour bus transportation, a multilingual tour guide, exclusive merchandise, and more.


However, this concert package also includes a “charter package”, where fans can sit in the economy class on a chartered flight with the SM artists.


Fans have heavily criticized this move as it not only costs over $3,000 USD — it violates the privacy of the artists and makes them more accessible to sasaeng fans.


There has been no official response to the criticism and it is still possible to participate in the lottery to purchase the charter package on the SMTOWN Travel website.