SM Entertainment’s Dance Trainer Thought NCT’s Taeyong’s Dancing Was Hopeless When He First Started Training

Now look at how far Taeyong has come!

SM Entertainment is known for their mindset that talent can be taught.

While they are known for recruiting stunning visuals to train at their company, they debut some of the most talented idols in the industry. This is thanks to the consistent work ethic and determination of SM Entertainment’s idols.

And no idol better exemplifies this than NCT’s leader Taeyong.

Taeyong was street-casted by SM Entertainment when he was 18 years old. But at that point, he had no idea of performing. Back then, he hardly knew about the “Big 3” Entertainment agencies.

Although NCTzens know of Taeyong as a talented rapper and dancer, he auditioned by singing the National Anthem and was accepted into the agency.

In an interview, Taeyong revealed that as a trainee, his dancing skills were actually really bad.

They were so bad that his dance trainer almost gave up on him.

I was a really bad dancer. My dance trainer even said, “I don’t think he’s going to make it.”

Because of this, he was often put in the back when he was practising dancing.

But Taeyong didn’t let this pull him down. Taeyong continually practised his dancing and his movements. He was determined to commit himself to consistently practise his skills. Although it may have been difficult and challenging, Taeyong’s ambition steadily translated to results.

I kept this in mind, “This is the only way for me”. I was really young and innocent back then, I worked hard.

In a year and a half, he went from dancing in the back, to being so skilled in dancing that he even became the center of the SM Rookies at the SM Entertainment concert.

Despite starting training in 2012, Taeyong was introduced as an SM Rookie by the end of 2013, and he was even showcased on SM Entertainment’s YouTube videos before debut as a proficient and skilled dancer.

His dedication has even been used by dance trainers at SM Entertainment to motivate trainees.

Not everyone is truly born with natural talent. But Taeyong exemplifies that everyone can become talented with perseverance and practice.

Now look where he is now! NCT is already known for having one of the most challenging and jaw-dropping choreographers and Taeyong is the main dancer and center.

Taeyong truly inspires us to know that our dreams can be fully realised; it takes our heart, mind and soul to commit, but we will get there in the end!

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