SM Entertainment Is Partnering Up With Hot Topic

It just got a lot easier for fans to buy K-Pop merchandise:

Buying K-Pop merchandise as an international fan isn’t always the easiest. Most of the time we rely on buying what we want online through various sellers and other times we lament over the fact that it isn’t common to find what you want at a local store but for many SM Entertainment fans, things just got a whole lot easier.


A few days ago, Billboard revealed the details behind a brand new partnership between SM Entertainment’s SM Global Shop and Hot Topic. This partnership means that Hot Topic will be selling certified SM merchandise.

Hot Topic is expected to sell everything from physical albums, clothing items, and more online and at select stores throughout the US and Canada.


For some lucky fans, they’ve already spotted some of the new merch at their local Hot Topic and it looks like more fans will be seeing start seeing it too with over 700 stores expected to carry official goods from your favorite artists.


It looks like SM Entertainment and Hot Topic have officially made it easier for fans to get certified merchandise whole lot closer to home. And now our wallets will weep!